Social Equity Program Plans

Social Equity Program Plans

FreshAF builds comprehensive research and training programs for your business to comply with state requirements and improve your priority for licensure review and approval. Our team connects you with social equity cultivators and processors excited to learn best agricultural and manufacturing practices from working with your business

Other products and services: Accounting & Tax Compliance, Adverse Event Reporting SOP, CEA – Financial Model, CEA Architectural Design Package, CEA – Real Estate Brokerage Services, Comprehensive Business Plans, Comprehensive Compliance Plans, Cultivation SOP, Environmental Impact Plans, Hydroponic/Aquaponic Systems Design Packages, Insurance Plans, Inventory Control/Storage/Diversion Prevention SOPs, Licensure Submission Assistance, Manufacturing SOP, Operations Assistance and Audits, Packaging and Labeling, Pitch Decks, Product & Technology Sourcing, Quality Assurance and Control SOPs, Recall SOP, Recordkeeping SOP, Research Partnerships, Security SOPStandard Operating Procedures Package (SOPs), Waste Disposal and Sanitation SOPs

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