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Our Collaborative Process

By pooling the vast knowledge, talents, and resources of diverse contributors and contractors, FreshAF is able to implement unique strategies and advanced technologies for state-of-the-art facilities and successful license applications.

Our Company

Fresh Alternative Farms specializes in controlled environment agriculture real estate and technology. We leverage our deep network of notable researchers and professionals in the field, to help our clients start off on the right foot.


We guarantee satisfaction on our products and will rework our packages until you are completely satisfied. Our goal is your success.


Our packages don’t come in a box – they are the product of listening carefully to you, the client. We craft them to meet your specific needs, interests, and environment.

Our Team

Our broad expertise is unlike any others in the industry.

Jonah Helmer

Cultivation, Technology, and Compliance

Jonah Helmer studied Plant Sciences at Cornell University with concentrations in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Hemp Sciences. He has experience teaching students best practices for managing a multitude of different hydroponic growing systems for leafy greens and vine crops.

Following his experience on a Massachusetts-based hemp farm, that became a vertically-integrated recreational Cannabis brand called The Pass – He worked in the Cornell CEA group as head research assistant in Dr. Michael Timmon’s aquaponic research lab, designing novel growing systems, writing grants, and managing HR.

Jacob Tannenbaum

Finance, Design, and Real Estate Services

Jacob Tannenbaum received his bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from Texas A&M University and his Masters in Real Estate at Cornell University with a concentration in regenerative development and permaculture.

He has 8 years of horticultural and entrepreneurship experience – starting and growing a landscape design firm.  He has previous experience in CEA from consulting for an aquaponics facility startup employing real estate, finance, strategy, and business development skills in pursuit of state-of-the-art, large-scale facilities across the globe.


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