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New York’s Cannabis Legalization Rollout Faces Setbacks and Delays

What’s Happening with New York’s Cannabis License Rollout? New York State’s journey to establish a thriving Cannabis industry since its legalization two and a half years ago has been fraught with challenges and delays. Initially envisioning over 150 licensed dispensaries, the state currently has only 23 retail locations. A recent court order further complicated the...

Article Published in NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2021 Issue – Controlled Environment Agriculture: The New Asset Class on the Block

NAREIM Dialogues – Spring 2021 Controlled environment agriculture has the solutions to significant food production and environmental issues. Now it just needs the capital. “Like extracting bread from air.”  In 1908, Fritz Haber’s invention of synthesized fertilizer revolutionized the agriculture industry. Through a process of extracting ammonia for fertilizer use from the air, annual global...