Business, Compliance and Technology

Packaging and Labeling

FreshAF develops compliant SOPs for packaging and labeling to ensure products are handled in accordance with cGMP and GAP food safety standards and all packaging materials, labels, and contents are in accordance with state regulations.

Pitch Decks

Every new business needs a great pitch deck to get funded. FreshAF customizes a highly aesthetic PowerPoint slides to sell your most unique qualifications and advantages. Using our many years of graphic design and writing experience in concert with our deep expertise in the field – we will provide you with a captivating pitch deck that you can use to impress your investor.

Product and Technology Sourcing

FreshAF has established connections with a multitude of technology developers and are able to source state of the art equipment to improve your CEA facilities. We can also help bridge connections between our growers and manufacturing and processing facilities looking to obtain products.

Social Equity Program Plans

FreshAF builds comprehensive research and training programs for your business to comply with state requirements and improve your priority for licensure review and approval. Our team connects you with social equity cultivators and processors excited to learn best agricultural and manufacturing practices from working with your business,

Research Partnerships

We facilitate talks with respected Hemp, Cannabis Science, and Controlled Environment Agriculture programs at universities with the goal of establishing a research partnership that would give students the opportunity to conduct research at your facility, add scientific credibility to your business, and bonus points to your application.

Licensure Submission Assistance

Fresh AF has experience submitting licensure documentation to state regulatory commissions. We offer services for a fee to compile and organize the required documents and quickly submit them through the application portal.

Environmental Impact Plans

FreshAF applies our research-backed expertise derived from best practices developed at Cornell University and that of our exceptional advisor team to create comprehensive environmental impact plans for your business. These plans discuss assessing and mitigating a range of issues such as carbon emissions, water usage, waste streams, and fertilizer run-off.

Comprehensive Compliance Plans

Sophisticated safety, quality, and equity assurance customized to local state requirements. Our plans are made to match. They are curated for the particular regulatory structure of your location and company specifics, whether that be cultivation, production, retailing, delivering and manufacturing.

Comprehensive Business Plans

Our customized business plans are crafted to highlight your team’s personal strengths in order to maximize the chances for application approval and the securing of investments.

We offer Cultivation, Manufacturing, Retail, and Transportation Business Plans for any size company. Whether your new business is a Dispensary, Grower, Procession Unit, Testing Lab, or Delivery Service, we can help.

Our business plans are made specific to each state to meet the local regulations.

Accounting and Tax Compliance

We work with trusted accounting and CPA services that have years of experience working with legal Cannabis businesses. We develop in house and contractor-based plans for accurate accounting and compliance with the unique tax rules for both state and federal taxes.

Insurance Plans

We have connections with experienced Cannabis insurance brokers that provide comprehensive insurance for the specific needs of Cannabis Businesses in legal markets across the United States. Our team will put together a list of required and recommended liability insurance plans to ensure your organization is properly protected.

Hydroponic – Aquaponic Design Plans

Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Vertical Farming, Protected cultivation, indoor farming, farming under grow lights, climate controlled farming and agricultural automation: If you are looking for turnkey solutions or consultancy on any of the above, you’ve arrived at the right place. From design to implementation, our team has the expertise to make sure your farm is top of the line, efficient, and easy to operate.

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