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The #NYCCB approved the first two cannabis research licenses in the State.

These licenses pave the way for groundbreaking research studies that will help us better understand the full potential of the plant.

Florida Lawmakers Approve THC Potency Limits For Marijuana Ahead Of Possible Recreational Legalization Ballot Vote: "It's important for us as representatives to protect the public from potential harms... that might occur through adult-use marijuana."

‼️ Breaking - As of today, the New York OCM has approved at home cultivation for adults 21+. This is a monumental step in the legalization process. Need help learning how to grow? Visit our website today for expert guidance:

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Congrats to 2022 @CornelleLab alumnus Jonah Helmer ’22, who recently won the @ASHS_Hort Undergraduate Award for his work on @freshaltfarms. FreshAF specializes in controlled environment agriculture and consulting for clients entering the cannabis industry.

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