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FreshAF is here to help you define any niche you'd like to carve in the cannabis and agriculture industry. Genetics services offer diverse plant options for cultivation, while delivery services streamline transportation for timely and secure product distribution. Testing labs ensure product quality and compliance, while insurance and security services mitigate risks. Technology solutions optimize operations, packaging solutions enhance branding, and compliance consulting navigates regulatory complexities. Let our team help you find efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction in the dynamic cannabis and agriculture sectors for your new business.


Streamline your distribution processes in the cannabis and agriculture industry, ensuring efficient and reliable product delivery to meet customer demands.


Unlock the potential of genetics services in the cannabis and agriculture industry, accessing premium seeds and clones for cultivating high-quality and genetically diverse plants.


Ensure product quality and compliance with testing services tailored for the cannabis and agriculture industry, fostering consumer trust and regulatory adherence.