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Customer Feedback

Cutting-edge greenhouse Deep Water Culture technology, revolutionizing sustainable and controlled cultivation environments.
Fresh Alternative Farms saved me a lot of time on capabilities I do not have in house.”
Sedar M.Cultivator
FreshAF was knowledgeable and confident in both the OCM regulations and growing systems!"
Rick D.Cultivator
Meet the dedicated team behind sustainable agriculture, as one of our skilled employees tends to thriving plants in a state-of-the-art greenhouse.
Awesome team, very friendly and knowledgeable!"
Bill A.Cultivator
Exploring the results of high tunnel technology, where innovation meets sustainability to revolutionize agriculture and horticulture practices. This picture shows marijuana cultivation.
The FreshAF team was friendly and welcoming throughout the process."
Casey O.Cultivator
Really helpful and informative.”
Rose S.Manufacturer
Picture of Jonah Helmer in a greenhouse lab, showing cannabis growth and cultivation