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Cofounder & Managing PartnerJonah Helmer

Strawberry Propogation, greenhouse technology, cannabis products, business planning, insurance, record keeping, hydroponics, aquaponics, vertical farming, consulting, hemp cultivation, cannabis production, industry growth

Jonah Helmer

Jonah Helmer is a distinguished alumnus of Cornell University, where he studied and researched Plant Sciences with a focus on Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Hemp Sciences. His extensive knowledge and experience in hydroponic growing systems have enabled him to impart best practices to clients managing diverse crops from leafy greens, to hemp, cannabis, and fruit crops.

With a penchant for innovation and operational excellence, Jonah’s career trajectory saw him apply his expertise to a Massachusetts-based hemp farm, which later evolved into a vertically-integrated recreational Cannabis brand. He has also served as a researcher in an aquaponic research lab at Cornell’s CEA group contributing significantly to designing groundbreaking growing systems, writing grants, and efficiently managing human resources. Most recently Jonah worked as Head Grower for 5.5 acre greenhouse, where he honed his expertise in managing and optimizing hydroponic agriculture systems.

Licensure & Compliance
Standard Operating Procedures
Cultivation Technology & System Design
Agriculture Operations Optimization
Integrated Pest Management Plans


Cornell University

Plant Sciences Degree

Concentration: Controlled Environment Agriculture and Hemp Sciences


Hemp and Cannabis Cultivation

The Pass

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Cornell University CEA Group


Leafy Green Cultivation

Stealth Startup

Cofounded Fresh Alternative Farms

Agriculture Technology & Licensure

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Food Safety & Cannabis Licensure
Cultivation Systems & Technology
Optimization & Troubleshooting