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ConsultantEmily Courson

Picture of Emily Courson: specialist in sustainable plant prodction and green technology

Emily Courson

Emily is a highly motivated and accomplished professional with a strong background in plant sciences and sustainable agriculture. Holding a bachelor’s degree in the plant sciences from Cornell University, Emily demonstrated exceptional commitment and achieved cum laude honors in Plant Sciences with a concentration in Sustainable Plant Production. Her academic background equipped her with a solid foundation in plant biology, cultivation techniques, and sustainable farming practices which has been reinforced through field experience.

Emily previously worked as an Assistant Grower at Eden Green Technology, Inc., where she showcased her expertise in scalable and sustainable vertical farming technology. Emily excelled in designing and operationalizing new fertilization programs, improving plant growth while minimizing capital expenses. She also contributed to the development of pest management protocols and successfully managed plant diseases, ensuring optimal crop health.

As a Research Assistant in the Miller Lab and the Peck Lab at Cornell University, Emily demonstrated her passion for floricultural crop production, postharvest physiology, and fruit production systems. In these roles, she conducted research, assisted with plant growth control, and gained valuable experience in greenhouse operations and maintenance.

Emily has further experience, serving as a Plant Variety & Material Transfer Specialist at the Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University, Emily plays a vital role in conceptualizing business and commercialization plans for a diverse portfolio of plants. Emily fosters open communication with plant breeders, ensuring mutual understanding and successful execution of plans. Additionally, Emily manages outgoing Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) to protect intellectual property rights and the University’s interests.

Licensure & Compliance
Standard Operating Procedures
Cultivation Technology & System Design
Agriculture Operations Optimization
Integrated Pest Management Plans



Miller & Peck Labs

Cornell University

Bachelor’s in Plant Sciences

Sustainable Plant Production


Eden Green Technology, Inc.

Plant Variety & Material Transfer Specialist

Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University

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Food Safety & Cannabis Licensure
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