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Our Co-Founder at Fresh Alternative Farms, Jacob Tannenbaum was recently Featured in Step by Step Business’ Entrepreneur Spotlight Series.

Summary: The article explores the journey from academia to entrepreneurship and the genesis of FreshAF. Jacob’s expertise in landscape architecture and sustainable agriculture is critical in the fusion that is Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Through a deep commitment to regenerative development and permaculture principles, Fresh Alternative Farms is pioneering permaculture with financially sound business practices. Jacob shares valuable insights on integrating real estate and finance into agriculture technology sectors, offering strategic guidance to startups. With a niche passion for aquaponics consulting, Jacob emphasizes the importance of proactive planning in navigating the challenges of the post-industrial agriculture industry. Looking ahead, he predicts a paradigm shift towards greenhouse farming practices driven by technological advancements and regulatory changes. As Fresh Alternative Farms continues to lead the way, Jacob invites aspiring entrepreneurs to join the movement towards a greener future by leveraging nascent agriculture technology and scientific research into their fruit, vegetable, and cannabis cultivation businesses.

Step by Step Business’ Entrepreneur Spotlight Series – Jacob Tannenbaum @ Fresh Alternative Farms

Jacob Tannenbaum on Sustainable Farming and Cannabis Innovation