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Our Co-Founder at Fresh Alternative Farms, Jacob Tannenbaum was recently Featured in Step by Step Business’ Entrepreneur Spotlight Series.

Summary: The article explores the journey from academia to entrepreneurship and the genesis of FreshAF. Jacob’s expertise in landscape architecture and sustainable agriculture is critical in the fusion that is Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Through a deep commitment to regenerative development and permaculture principles, Fresh Alternative Farms is pioneering permaculture with financially sound business practices. Jacob shares valuable insights on integrating real estate and finance into agriculture technology sectors, offering strategic guidance to startups. With a niche passion for aquaponics consulting, Jacob emphasizes the importance of proactive planning in navigating the challenges of the post-industrial agriculture industry. Looking ahead, he predicts a paradigm shift towards greenhouse farming practices driven by technological advancements and regulatory changes. As Fresh Alternative Farms continues to lead the way, Jacob invites aspiring entrepreneurs to join the movement towards a greener future by leveraging nascent agriculture technology and scientific research into their fruit, vegetable, and cannabis cultivation businesses.

Step by Step Business’ Entrepreneur Spotlight Series – Jacob Tannenbaum @ Fresh Alternative Farms

Jacob Tannenbaum on Sustainable Farming and Cannabis Innovation



Fresh Alternative Farms reached out to Senator Rolison of NYS Senate – 39th District regarding issues within the legalized adult-use cannabis industry in New York.

Attached is his response and actions to address our client’s and the greater industry’s concerns.

Dear Friend,

I would first like to thank you for your willingness to inform me both about the issues you face and the path forward to best address these concerns. Attached you will find two letters: a joint letter from the Cannabis Subcommittee on which I sit, and another letter which I sent to the Subcommittee Chair and others outlining your concerns.

Taking into account the information you have provided, I have called for increased transparency and communication from the Office of Cannabis Management and the Cannabis Control Board in their dealings with other parts of state government.

Furthermore, to ensure that New York State serves as an example to other states, I am advocating for an immediate increase in the number of licenses OCM can approve, the proper allocation of resources to manage the growing cannabis market, a crackdown on illegal sellers, and ensuring that businesses that are paying expenses will be given priority for their license.

Prioritizing the stability and safety of New York State’s cannabis market is one of my top concerns and we will continue to work aggressively to ensure that this market is not mismanaged and small businesses are heard. As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office in the future with any questions or concerns.


1.31.24 Rolison Cannabis Letter

Cannabis Subcmte Ltr to CCB



Rob Rolison

NYS Senate

39th District